2016-17 Montlake Community Club Turkey Trot and Kids Run

It’s all about community

There is a rich, storied, and controversial past for Seattle’s Montlake neighborhood regarding transportation projects that cut through the neighborhood. And this past has necessitated community involvement of long term residents. Many finished and proposed projects regarding expressways, highways, waterways have cut through the heart of the Montlake neighborhood and have shaped the history of the neighborhood. Some of these transportation projects have been been with ambivalence and protest alike by the long term residents.

Alongside the transportation projects through the Montlake neighborhood are events and fundraisers among the residents themselves. But perhaps it’s best to start at the tip of the

One could almost say that the Montlake Community Club Turkey Trot 5K and Kids Run exists today because of the tradition of community organization due to Montlake neighborhood’s rich and controversial past.

Meetings meetings meetings, organizing organizing, organizing.

Many meetings are conducted by the Montlake Community Club board members, contracted companies, and volunteers to make the annual Montlake Community Club Turkey Trot event happen.

“I think that the Montlake Community Club Turkey Trot event is an explosive expression our community. It’s something we are all strive to pull off well, and it’s event many Seattle residents can be touched by.”

Sharsti Sandall, Montlake Community Club Board President
2017 Montlake Turkey Trot 5K Start

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